Facing growing security challenges in a rapidly expanding business

Fujitsu / May 17, 2024

Over the past year, Widget Inc. has aggressively expanded, acquiring multiple companies to enhance its competitive edge in the industry. This rapid growth, however, has not only introduced complex security challenges but has also significantly increased the volume of security alerts. With new processes, diverse networks, and a variety of disparate security technologies now under its umbrella, Widget Inc. and its CISO, Jane, face the daunting task of managing and monitoring these alerts. The sheer number of notifications makes it difficult to discern critical threats from harmless anomalies, complicating their security management efforts with existing resources.

The need for a unified security strategy

As Widget integrates multiple acquisitions, the complexity of their security environment has multiplied, introducing a range of new vulnerabilities and points of attack. In response to these challenges, Jane is considering Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services as a solution. She needs a holistic approach to monitor, identify, and respond to threats across Widget’s expanded Azure environments in real-time. Her goal is to integrate tools like Microsoft Sentinel and the Defender suite to achieve a consolidated view of the threats and enhance the company’s security posture.

Managing true positives and filtering out irrelevant alerts

Fujitsu’s MDR service offers a solution tailored to Jane’s needs. Our Global Delivery Centers provide a seamless setup during initial workshops, helping Jane streamline her security tools, establish effective alert rules, and outline clear incident response processes. Our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployment enhances early threat detection capabilities across Azure environments, creating a robust defensive framework right from the start.

Our service seeks to ensure that only true positives reach Jane’s team, significantly reducing the number of incidents they handle daily. Fujitsu analysts work closely with Jane to ensure prompt resolution of major incidents, providing peace of mind and allowing her team to focus on strategic security initiatives rather than constant firefighting.

Beyond traditional SIEM

While Microsoft’s Sentinel provides a robust platform for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Fujitsu’s integration extends its capabilities. Our approach not only deploys Sentinel rapidly but also optimizes its use by connecting it with various data sources that Jane needs to manage. This approach helps in quickly identifying and resolving security issues, facilitating a more agile response to threats.

Proactive and dynamic security management

The dynamic nature of today’s security landscape demands more than static rule sets. Fujitsu’s strategy involves deploying high-fidelity Microsoft rule templates and enhancing them with our Detection Engineering team’s ongoing threat analysis. This approach not only helps in addressing immediate threats but also in adapting to new vulnerabilities as they emerge. Moreover, Jane has the option to request custom rules, ensuring that the security measures are precisely aligned with Widget’s most pressing concerns.  

Context is crucial

Our MDR service leverages in-house developed Threat Intelligence to enrich threat data, providing deeper insights into each threat’s context and enabling informed decision-making about incident response. This integration of advanced analytics and AI supports automated decision-making processes, significantly accelerating incident response times and improving the overall security posture.

Why choose Fujitsu for your cyber security needs?

Fujitsu stands out for its global expertise and comprehensive approach to security services. Our strategic partnerships and broad network of Global Delivery Centers ensure that we are equipped to meet your security needs, no matter where you are. We offer rapid deployment capabilities, essential for businesses needing immediate enhancements to their security posture. Thanks to the improved visibility provided by our services, Jane now confidently manages her organization’s security, ensuring its safety against emerging threats.

Taking action against cyber threats

Discover more about Jane’s cyber security journey – watch our video now. If you’re facing cyber security challenges like Jane, Fujitsu is ready to help you elevate your security strategy. From initial assessment and a 30-day proof-of-value exercise to full-scale deployment, our experts are prepared to tailor a solution that not only secures but also aligns with your business objectives. Visit our website www.fujitsu.com/global/mdr or contact Fujitsu today to explore how our global expertise and innovative solutions can fortify your defenses and contribute to your cyber security success.

Paul McEvatt
Paul McEvatt is the Global MDR Solution Lead and Head of Cyber Security Innovation at Fujitsu. With an MBA in Cyber Security and over 25 years of experience, Paul has developed deep expertise in Security Operations and Advanced Threat Services. His career is distinguished by a strong focus on innovation, particularly in developing new services that enhance organizational security. Currently, Paul is instrumental in expanding the Fujitsu Uvance Managed Detection and Response service, collaborating extensively with our Global Delivery Centers to ensure top-tier security solutions for our clients worldwide.

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