Quantum inspired computing - Powering the next generation of discovery

Fujitsu / January 25, 2024

Quantum computers will have the potential to radically transform financial, scientific, industrial, business research, development and analysis thanks to the immense computational power they are expected to offer.

Unlike classical computing, which relies on bits that can only be in one of two states (0 or 1), quantum computing uses quantum bits (qubits) that can exist in multiple states simultaneously. This allows quantum computers to perform certain calculations much faster than classical computers, making them ideal for solving complex problems that are beyond the capabilities of traditional computing systems.

Gaining a Quantum Advantage

The challenge for organizations seeking to harness the computational problem-solving power of quantum computers lies in the fact that practical quantum computers are still potentially 10 years away from becoming available as a range of significant technical challenges still remain to be overcome.

However, organizations can already take advantage of the benefits quantum based computing will deliver today, thanks to the newly emerging field of Quantum Inspired Computing.

Quantum Inspired Computing

Quantum inspired computing offers organizations many of the same potential advantages that quantum computers will once that become available. Quantum inspired computing utilizing quantum principles to enhance the capabilities of traditional binary computing systems, such as providing improved performance and efficiency in solving complex problems.

Quantum inspired computing technology such as Quantum emulators and Digital Annealers are already enabling leading organization to start taking advantage of quantum methods and principles in solving complex problems.

Fujitsu is not only one of the leaders in the race to develop practical quantum computers, but Fujitsu is also a leader in quantum inspired computing. This gives Fujitsu unique insight into how to gain both the maximum benefits of quantum inspired computing today and position your organization to gain the maximum benefits and competitive advantages of quantum computers tomorrow.

Find out more about Fujitsu quantum computer development and quantum inspired computing at:

Quantum Ready

Quantum inspired computing is also playing a key role in enabling organizations to prepare for the arrival of true quantum computers. Organizations are able to develop quantum-based solutions now that run in emulation on today’s hardware and deliver value. When true quantum computers do become available these organizations will be able to immediately migrate to true quantum computer hardware and take full advantage of the extra power and performance these systems will provide.

It can take considerable time for organizations to develop quantum solutions, so developing solutions using quantum emulators will give organizations a considerable competitive advantage over organizations who wait for quantum computers to become available before starting their own development.

Who should be looking at quantum inspired computing

The organizations who stand to benefit most from early quantum adoption include:

1. Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
2. Finance and Investment
3. Cryptography and Cybersecurity
4. Materials Science and Chemistry
5. Supply Chain and Logistics
6. Modeling and Simulation
7. Aerospace and Defense
8. Telecommunications
9. Transportation
10. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

These are also the organization at the most risk of comparative disruption if they wait for true quantum computers to be available before stating their development of quantum-based solutions.

How can quantum benefit organizations

Quantum computers will not directly replace today’s classical computers, organizations will continue to operate classical computer systems for day-to-day computing for the foreseeable future. However, quantum systems will increasingly be used by organizations who need the problem-solving computational power of quantum systems.

Quantum computers can benefit organizations in five key ways:

1. Advanced data analysis
Quantum computing can offer faster data analysis than classical computers, enabling real-time processing of large datasets for businesses. This leads to better decision-making and market adaptation. For example, it can reveal customer trends, helping businesses tailor products and services to meet demands more effectively.

2. Quantum enhanced discovery
Accelerating the discovery process and reducing costs, revolutionizing a wide range of scientific fields, such as modern drug discovery, which involves analyzing vast amounts of data a complex and time-consuming process.

3. Quantum enhanced forecasting and simulations
Quantum computing's speed and power can be used to significantly improve complex forecasting and simulation models, such as climate change and weather predictions, by analyzing vast data from multiple sources. In financial markets, it offers a competitive advantage through faster, deeper insights and more accurate predictions based on numerous variables.

4. Quantum optimization
Quantum can help us develop more efficient and sustainable products and businesses by improving production design, reducing resource utilization and optimizing supply chain logistics.

5. Quantum encryption
Using quantum mechanics properties like entanglement and superposition we can develop virtually unbreakable Quantum based encryption transforming the cybersecurity landscape and enabling businesses and governments to safeguard sensitive information and critical infrastructure from advanced threats.


Quantum inspired computing allows organizations to access many of the benefits of quantum today. It also allows organizations to prepare to take full advantage of quantum hardware once it arrives and to gain competitive advantages over organizations that delay development until quantum hardware is available.

Fujitsu is one of the leaders in both quantum inspired computing and quantum computing. Talk to us an find out how we can help your organization take full advantage of quantum.

Key recommendations

•Organizations who are involved in high-performance computing fields such as financial, scientific and industrial research and analysis or national security and defense should now be looking at how they could use quantum inspired computing to gain and maintain new competitive advantages and avoid potential future disruption driven by late quantum computing adoption.

•Discover more about Fujitsu’s research into quantum computing at: https://www.fujitsu.com/global/about/research/technology/quantum/

•Find out more about Fujitsu quantum inspired computing at: https://www.fujitsu.com/global/services/business-services/digital-annealer/services/

Why not talk to Fujitsu and see how we can help your organization?

Nick Cowell
Principal Consultant / Technology Strategy Unit / Fujitsu
Nick is a Principal Consultant within Fujitsu’s Technology Strategy Unit. Nick is a technologist with extensive experience in hardware, software and service development, having previously worked for leading technology providers across the USA, Europe and Oceania.

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