Fujitsu Integrated Report 2023 at a glance

Fujitsu / December 15, 2023

The Fujitsu Group has published “Fujitsu Integrated Report 2023,” a comprehensive resource released annually to provide clear information about the Group's business activities and value creation.
The Report introduces the Group’s vision and new Medium-Term Management Plan and is intended to present a big picture of our financial and non-financial data which includes indicators on the environment, society, and governance.
This article presents highlights from the Report.

The Fujitsu Group’s ideal state in 2030

Looking ahead to 2030, the Fujitsu Group set out the vision of “Being a technology company that realizes net positive through digital services.” The expression “net positive” incorporates our determination to harness technology and innovation to create positive outputs that exceed the negative outputs generated by our business activities.

We have identified three Materiality areas where we will make essential contributions. These are: Planet (solving global environmental issues), Prosperity (developing a digital society), and People (improving people’s well-being). 

What's Materiality?

Materiality refers to identifying issues that a company plans to prioritize. Many companies define their materiality and position it within their management strategies to strengthen their competitiveness and profitability.

To achieve our goals in these three areas, we will strengthen our technology, management foundation, and human capital with the aim of creating new business models and spurring innovation.

Diagram of Fujitsu Group's three Materiality areas

Diagram of Fujitsu Group's three Materiality areas

Announcing the 2023-2025 Medium-Term Management Plan

The Fujitsu Group has announced a new Medium-Term Management Plan (medium-term plan) starting in fiscal 2023. The medium-term plan highlights our aim of achieving Fujitsu’s ideal state in 2030 and beyond. The three-year period is positioned to establish a business model for sustainable growth and improved profitability.  

Three themes are listed in the medium-term plan:
 1) Transform our business model and portfolio
 2) Ensure reliable support for customer modernization
 3) Improve the profitability of our international businesses

And four key strategies are established to promote the three themes:
 1) Business model and portfolio strategy (growing the service domain, centered on the Fujitsu Uvance business)
 2) Customer success/regional strategy (expanding our consulting capability, building a structure to support customer modernization, strengthening global services, etc.)
 3) Technology strategy (creating additional value with technology as a starting point)
 4) People strategy (developing our human resource portfolio aligned to
our business growth needs) 

2023–2025 Mid-term plan overview

2023–2025 Mid-term plan overview

Our financial targets for fiscal 2025, the final year of this medium-term plan, are revenue of ¥4.2 trillion, adjusted operating profit of ¥500 billion, and an adjusted operating profit margin of 12%. Centering on Service Solutions, we aim to boost profitability, driven by growth from Fujitsu Uvance. 

In addition to financial targets, we have set non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs) in four areas: the environment, customers, productivity, and people. We further conduct quantitative analysis to understand how these non-financial initiatives contribute to our financial performance and enhance our corporate value.

Infographic on non-financial indicators

Infographic on non-financial indicators

The Fujitsu Group's Management Capital: focusing on Human resource strategy

We recognize management capital as a source of energy for transformation, which is why we are placing emphasis on human resource management, DX, and sustainability management. In terms of human resource management, we will implement measures linked to the business strategies mentioned above. 

We plan to strengthen consulting resources capable of delivering in Fujitsu Uvance’s cross-industry segments (vertical areas). We will proceed with a sense of urgency in implementing development programs to increase delivery experts. The Fujitsu Group is also trying to establish a future workforce portfolio closely linked to our business strategy.

We emphasize the importance of career ownership, in which employees shape their own careers. In addition to company-originated placements and transfers, we encourage employees to take part in our internal job-posting (internal recruitment) system to volunteer for transfers and promotions. The system helps our employees to shape their own careers as well as maintaining workforce mobility.  

The graph shows that more than 7,500 employees have been transferred over three years.

The graph shows that more than 7,500 employees have been transferred over three years.

"Talent mobility" has the potential to enhance corporate values

We analyzed data related to human capital to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for enhancing corporate value. Specifically, we conducted an analysis on the growth of revenue and operating profit from fiscal 2020 to 2021 with data from approximately 50 categories related to internal talent.

We found a positive correlation between the percentages of internal transfers and mid-career recruits in the organization’s workforce and the growth rate of financial indicators. Conversely, we found a negative correlation between the percentage of transfers initiated by the company and the financial indicator growth rate. These results suggest that voluntary mobility through internal transfers and mid-career recruiting helps in improving the organization’s operational capabilities.  

We will promote Groupwide digital transformation, building a corps of people willing to break the status quo while also encouraging sustainability transformation so that our own in-house practices can serve as a reference model for making proposals to customers. 

Our mission and responsibility are to actively participate in building a new economic system that is based on Fujitsu Uvance. We will strongly support our customers who are embarking on sustainability transformation with the determination and resolution to take on the challenge of creating new values. We will achieve our financial and non-financial goals through the four key strategies of the new medium-term plan and demonstrate globally that we are capable of achieving our Purpose: “Make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.” 

Fujitsu Group’s executive officers explain each measure in the full report. Find out

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