Accelerating AI Innovation

Fujitsu / April 26, 2023

AI is rapidly becoming a critical catalyst, driving innovation, transformation and competitiveness.
Recently, the introduction of highly capable Large Language Models (LLM), such as GPT 4.0, has opened new possibilities to create competitive advantage and innovative customer services using AI.
Indeed, Bill Gates recently described GPT-like technology as being “as revolutionary as mobile phones and the internet” (
As interest in AI inevitably heightens, a growing number of organizations are now starting to integrate AI into new generation solutions and services.

So, how can organizations accelerate the pace of their AI implementation, and how can Fujitsu help?

Innovate faster with Fujitsu

The AI market

The 2022 McKinsey Global AI enterprise survey revealed that 65% of organizations are expecting to increase their AI investment over the next three years. This rapid adoption will inevitably increase the general pressure to develop new AI capability as organizations strive to remain competitive. The survey also suggested that organizations who have already adopted AI are expected to double their use of AI over the next four years.

The arrival of new LLM is rapidly increasing both user and investor expectations, placing further pressure on organizations to introduce smarter, more innovative, more powerful solutions and services, based on AI technologies.

Mainstream adoption

For some time, early market adopters have recognized the potential of AI adoption to create new competitive advantage.

Microsoft recently announced Copilot, a new AI assistive technology based on GPT and ChatGPT. Significantly, Microsoft intends to integrate Copilot into its most popular services, including Microsoft 365. This will result in over a million organizations, who currently use Microsoft 365 every day, becoming AI users.

The arrival of Copilot later in 2023 will effectively signal the start of AI mainstream adoption, a move that will inevitably change how organizations view their own AI adoption plans.

To date, the pace of adoption has been driven largely by the desire to gain competitive advantage. However, with the advent of mainstream adoption, enterprises will need to adopt AI just to remain competitive. AI innovation and investment will become a necessity for organizations who want to maintain their competitive edge.

Adoption driven by digital disruption

Digital disruption is driving the pace of AI adoption. As early adopters exploit AI to create new more innovative and competitive solutions and services, this will inevitably disrupt the competitive position of other market players.

Given it’s generally better to be the disruptor than the disrupted, many organizations will innovate proactively in order to gain competitive advantage. Similarly, many organizations will need to innovate with AI at speed in response to the digital disruption created by their competitors.

For example, in the Manufacturing sector, we’re already seeing the introduction of automated visual quality inspection techniques, powered by AI, driving new levels of competitiveness, for example by improving inspection productivity and accuracy, whilst reducing associated labor costs.

Platform to accelerate AI innovation

The latest AI developments are already proving to be a significant catalyst for innovation and transformation. Clearly, organizations need to move quickly to maximize the benefits of AI, while ensuring they remain responsive to AI innovation being introduced by their competitors.

Fujitsu already has extensive experience in delivering AI projects, having completed over 6,000 AI projects globally for early adopter organizations around the world. These projects range from improving patient health and wellbeing, for example by using explainable AI to develop new cancer treatments, through to reducing carbon emissions and detecting fraud in complex transactions.

As mainstream AI adoption starts to take hold, Fujitsu has been helping customer organizations to take advantage of leading-edge AI functionality, quickly and efficiently. This is helping them to innovate more effectively, enabling them to meet the new and emerging business challenges they face.

At Fujitsu, we’re also focused on understanding how AI technology can make business and society more sustainable. While technology can disrupt business, we believe it should also empower people and add positive value to society. Our purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.

To enable the early adoption, test and implementation of AI, Fujitsu recently introduced its new AI platform, Fujitsu Kozuchi. This platform combines best in class AI technologies with Fujitsu's own unique leading edge AI innovation.

In Japanese folklore, Kozuchi is a magic hammer that can create anything its owner wishes for.

The Kozuchi platform is cloud-based, offering advanced Fujitsu AI functionality in the form of ready-to-integrate code modules. These code modules simplify the process for adding specific AI capabilities to individual projects, helping to accelerate development cycles.

The platform components are ideal for project applications across a wide range of industries, from manufacturing, retail and finance through to healthcare and scientific discovery.

A unique partnership with Fujitsu

Of course, it takes more than an AI platform to accelerate projects and deliver new value to business and society. Organizations need an end-to-end approach, right through from planning to implementation, based on trusted AI technology. Fujitsu offers a unique one-stop set of global services and expertise to help our customers innovate, from first concepts and PoC/PoV to full global deployment at scale. We also provide the ongoing global support required to ensure that our customers continue to maximize their return on investment.

Experience: over 6,000 AI projects delivered

Fujitsu has already delivered over 6,000 AI customer projects around the world. We understand what’s needed to deliver innovative, effective AI projects successfully, offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure return on investment.

Capability: AI discovery powered by HPC

Fujitsu can offer uniquely powerful AI discovery for customers by using the power of our supercomputer and HPC. Indeed, we’re now exploring how to integrate HPC functionality into the fabric of new AI-based solutions.

Ethical: delivering trusted AI

AI Ethics has become an increasingly important consideration. Fujitsu is a recognized industry expert, with an established Ethics practice that ensures that our AI-powered solutions are transparent, conform to the latest best practice and are aligned specifically with the values and expectations of individual customers.

Full-service capability

Leading analysts, including Gartner, recognize Fujitsu as a leader in Digital and Sustainability Transformation, with a comprehensive service offering. This full-service capability is helping customers to deploy AI-based solutions that transform their operations and processes.


AI will be the most significant catalyst this decade for driving innovation and transformation. Organizations need to move fast to maximize the benefits they can derive from AI and to ensure they remain competitive.

The Fujitsu Kozuchi AI Platform enables organizations to accelerate their AI innovation and time to market, helping them stay competitive. Fujitsu also offers a comprehensive set of innovation, development, implementation and support services to ensure organizations continue to maximize their return on AI investment.

Key recommendations

•Understand the risks and disruption AI will cause in your industry.

•Consider how your organization can use and benefit from AI.

•Take urgent steps to accelerate AI adoption to ensure you remain competitive.

•Consider how the Fujitsu Kozuchi AI Platform and associated services and expertise could help to accelerate your AI projects and ensure long term return on investment.

Nick Cowell
Principal Consultant /Technology Strategy Unit/Fujitsu
Nick is a Principal Consultant within Fujitsu’s Technology Strategy Unit. Nick is a technologist with extensive experience in hardware, software and service development, having previously worked for leading technology developers and providers across the USA, Europe and Oceania.

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