Are you born to be agile?

Fujitsu / October 3, 2022

Cloud’s ability to deliver agility is renowned, but how do you achieve it day-to-day, end-to-end? Fujitsu’s Business Development Manager Hybrid IT Managed Services Daniel Schneider has definite views on what the key factor is to ultimate agility.

The Impact of Agility

The best cloud environment is the one you don’t have to think about. You can just focus on your organization’s purpose. On empowering your people. Satisfying your customers. Driving innovation and being at the competitive edge of your sector. Creating great applications. Sounds good, but how do you achieve this state of agility?

It takes thorough planning, orchestration, and management to benefit from a perfectly working cloud infrastructure. The cloud is made up of multiple technologies and connections with an array of data sources and interactions. It’s inherently complex. And complexity is the enemy of agility and digital resilience. In a world where being ‘cloud native’ is seen as a key advantage, it’s important to understand exactly what that means. Cloud native is about technologies and architectures that are built to take advantage of the power and capability of the cloud. It doesn’t mean moving every aspect of your organization to the cloud. Very few enterprises are completely virtual. The majority are a hybrid between on premise and cloud provision. That’s a good thing. You don’t have to be ‘fully cloud-native’ to be agile. You need to utilize your Hybrid IT technologies to boost agility in all areas of your business.

Again, managing the variety of technologies is not a simple task. And if you’re spending all your time, human resources, and funds on aligning your cloud technologies to your business objectives, then you’re not benefitting from the new technologies. They should free your people to take care of business issues and not distract them from their objectives. That’s why more and more organizations are seeking a cloud management partner to deal with the long list of tasks which need to be done to ensure that their cloud is robust as well as an agent of agility.

The Cloud Management Imperative

At Fujitsu, we’ve designed our Cloud Management Service to free you from the burden of manually managing the infrastructure. Fujitsu’s Cloud Management Service enables you to concentrate on the business logic of your applications and services, knowing that management and optimization of your infrastructure is taken care of.

Our cloud native managed services give you that end-to-end support which ensures that your multi-cloud’s underlying infrastructure works seamlessly and unobtrusively and perfectly supports your services. Crucially, we deploy intelligent automated tools to identify issues and fix them before they become apparent. Your cloud ecosystem becomes ‘self-healing’ not just because of intricate algorithms, but also because our experts are focused solely on the efficacy of your technology. That means your people can rely on a trusted infrastructure and focus on innovation and customer value.

We put in place the right guidelines, build guardrails, and strengthen the structural foundations of your cloud environment based on clearly drawn blueprints and strictly enforced protocols. That serves to consistently optimize your operations while maximizing value for money from your investment in cloud. The in-house experts can work on the business requirements and developments while cloud experts from Fujitsu make the infrastructure work perfectly.

True agility is hard to measure. It’s an abstract concept. At Fujitsu, we believe that a key aspect to judge whether your organization is agile is to look at whether your people find it easy and simple to work and interact with stakeholders and customers. Convincing services that are provided in short time with enticing user and employee experience are the right approach to tie-in customers, enhance customer intimacy and work towards long-term customer relationships.

In the end, that’s what good management should be. Almost invisible. Always responsive. And mostly automated. That’s what Fujitsu’s Cloud Management Service has been designed to deliver.

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Daniel Schneider
Fujitsu Business Development Manager Hybrid IT Managed Services
Daniel has more than 10 years of experience in cloud sales, consultancy and business development roles at Fujitsu. He focuses on engaging with sales teams and their customers globally to support them on their journey to adopt multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure services.

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